Dear Baby, Get Out

Dear Baby, Get Out

Dear Baby, Get Out

A Hysterical & Neurotic Story of the Last Days of Pregnancy

The journey every expectant mother faces is that she is the only one that has to give birth for the baby to get out. As the due date approaches, anxiety increases and every contraction and symptom is analyzed. Random thoughts and inappropriate actions consume the last days before natural childbirth. Angela Grout reminds us that childbirth is complicated, unpredictable, surprising, strange, and despite all the planning…Children leave a mark so much bigger than the places designated for them. This is not a ‘what to expect when you are expecting’ guide; this is a fast paced, honest and humorous narrative of the moment to moment struggles of waiting to give birth. Read and realize you are normal and it will happen. Every first time mother needs this book to prepare and the experienced mother will appreciate the sarcasm and reminder.

Dear Baby, Get Out!

  • Copyright April 2016 1st edition
  • ISBN# 978-1508936596
  • 133 pages
  • Printed in the USA. Create Space 7290 Investment Dr, Suite B; North Charlestown, SC 29418

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