Anna Bozena Bowen: Muses, Marketing, Book Clubs & More on yWrite with Angela Grout E14

Anna Bozena Bowen discusses with Host Angela Grout on @yWrite the process of her first novel HATTIE. 

Writing a book involves channeling a character and a story which is exciting, suspenseful and a lone project. Author Anna Bozena Bowen shares the process of completing her book, as well as the marketing which self-published authors must journey through.

Library Book Talks, Self promotions, and exposure are just a few of the avenues she has traveled. Her book HATTIE has won Multiple Awards! Listen to this podcast to learn how to enter contests and know which are good ones. Author Angela Grout shares how small book clubs can promote an author's book, and her summer book club hosted Author Anna Bozena Bowen. Club members enjoyed discussing HATTIE with her and she shares that she loves being invited to Book Clubs. Book Clubs bring exposure, social connection, and referrals. Being a self published author has its work even after the writing is done. Anna discusses her current work in progress which she begun during completing her Masters in Creative Writing at BayPath University. 

A passionate writer, student, and friend, Anna celebrated earning her degree just one week before the taping of this show! Congratulations to her! Follow her on Facebook and at for more information on her and her upcoming novel! Her book is available on Amazon and its a must read for writers who want to understand how writing out of order can be successful!


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