Betel Arnold: Playwriting & Being True to You @yWrite with Angela Grout E4

Playwrite and Author ⁠BETEL ARNOLD ⁠discusses with ⁠yWrite Host Angela Grout⁠ how writing her first novel ⁠BURIED BENEATH the WORDS ⁠evolved into writing plays. 

Her first play, TIGHT PANTS was successfully produced in 2018 at the Majestic Theater in West Springfield, MA. Owner and Director Danny Eaton guided Betel through the process of directing and producing the play. Angela and Betel share how they met through Danny, why they pursued playwriting, and how different play writing is compared to novel writing.

Within each story, Betel shares her experiences of a young woman's journey of embracing her true self. "Writing time allows me to have space to become my unique self." says Betel. She shares how this is important for all women, especially mothers. 

Besides being a playwriter and author, Betel is a wife, mother of four, ⁠a Certified Christian Life Coach⁠, Host of a local talk show, and is continually helping neighbors in her community and the world. 

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BURIED BENEATH the WORD is available here: 

Spanish Version also:  

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