Bruce Landon: Writing, Editing, and Educating on yWrite with Angela Grout E1

In this first episode of ⁠yWrite⁠, Bruce Landon, a former NHL goalie, and retired Springfield Falcons' AHL GM joins me,⁠ Author Angela Grout,⁠ for a conversation about writing. Bruce and I share why we write, including the push to write, and the people who inspired us to write. We discuss the importance of knowing your audience, and why an editor's suggestion can save an author from embarrassment . Learn why Bruce thanked his editor as he walked out of church one Sunday morning, and why he donates all his profits to a charity. ⁠yWrite⁠ will excite you to read and write! Bruce Landon's memoir, ⁠THE PUCK STOPS HERE: My (not so) Minor League Life,⁠ is entertaining, educational, and it will help you to understand how to write a story. @⁠yWrite⁠ with Angela Grout produces new episodes weekly to help guide authors-to-be! How will you write your story?

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