Do authors need a Literary Agent, and why? @yWrite with Angela Grout E7

Literary Agent & VP of Trident Media Group, Mark Gottlieb in NYC discusses on this episode of yWrite what a literary agent is and what they can do for an author. Many authors seek publishing houses but did you know getting an agent can help you with more than just getting published.    

Author Angela Grout even pitches one of her own book for a movie (gotta try!), and she learns exactly what is needed to submit material to a literary agent, which you will want to know! Looking to write a non-fiction, a pitch and summary may be all you need! However, Mark Gottlieb shares that Fiction stories must be submitted as a whole manuscript. Lots of valuable guidance for authors seeking representation as Angela asks about the benefits of having a literary agent. Follow Mark Gottlieb on FB to sign up for his virtual workshops.[0]=AZXnECNzadqw45IZbqosraJEXnAfNFAPA_eVA9-LEpT_dBmk_l2AGTRZcgiRTAm1-bbNzDnEsp0EI_7UZhKrH3Rl0tvJCACMCHoODN7M8NN_w9PcRj5PYNaDAthVPVGC0Zw&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R  

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