How & Why Kirk Jonah made a movie w/o writing @yWrite with Angela Grout E5

⁠yWrite's⁠ guest⁠ KIRK JONAH ⁠was more than inspired to share his story, and without picking up a pen, he told his story to a movie producer, JASON CAMPBELL, who created the movie⁠ JACK JONAH. ⁠ Jack had passed away from a drug overdose and in his father's deep grief, Jack reached to him to apologize for "ever trying drugs."

The emotional and spiritual moment gave Kirk Jonah the power to forgive his son, continue to love his son, and most importantly, help his son to help others to learn about how to avoid what happened to him. ⁠The JACK JONAH FOUNDATION ⁠was created to fund Opioid Awareness. Through the foundation, Kirk travels the country speaking, preaching, and educating people about OPIOID AWARENESS. Drug use doesn't necessarily begin for entertainment, the medical industry provides patients drugs to help them but often the dependency is unavoidable.

Kirk's powerful, persona, and heartfelt story told in the movie has a message for those grieving a loss, suffering an addiction, and needing education about medication. Kirk's life story changed the minute his son died, and though he suffers daily with the reality, he gives his voice, his heart, and his story to help others. That is the ultimate "why" one writes.

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