Lisa Irish: Grief, Writing & Workshops @yWrite with Angela Grout E3

yWrite ⁠host ⁠Author Angela Grout ⁠and Author, Spiritual Director, and Retreat Leader ⁠LISA IRISH⁠ discuss why being at the right place at the right time can create momentum to write. Lisa shares on yWrite, her process of writing a book proposal, creating an outline, and using the guidelines which her publisher required. Lisa's ⁠THE SACRED ART of GRIEVING⁠, has become a popular self-help book allowing her to share her expertise and experience with those seeking guidance with their journey. After writing the book, Lisa received numerous invitations to lead workshops. She travels the country speaking, faciliating retreats, and providing a safe space to recieve hope and healing. "Grief is not something to go through," Lisa says, "it is something that happens to us and becomes part of us." Angela and Lisa are both members of the⁠ International Women's Writers Guild ⁠(IWWG), and they share how they met, and why being part of the IWWG with inspires their own journey. @yWrite with Angela Grout has new episodes weekly! This episode was sponsored by

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