Samantha Izzo, 13 year old Novelist on yWrite with Angela Grout E10

Author S.D. Izzo wrote her first book in third grade and is current working on a sequel. Samantha and yWrite Host Angela Grout discuss the process of writing a young adult fantasy fiction story. 

Samantha's dedication to her novel TALE OF THE ANIMAGEE allowed her to create characters with superpowers. The setting is in high school and each character must hide their superpowers in order to protect themselves but they need these superpowers. 

Samantha expertly weaved this story from her imagination before even attending high school. Proof that when a story is calling one to write, age and experience is not a factor. 

Angela and Sam share why they both chose to publish without recognition of their first name. Author AM Grout and S. D. Izzo learned that gender neutral names allows creativity to flow without judgement. 

Buy S.D. Izzo's book TALE OF THE ANIMAGEE. 

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