The surprising answers Author Laura Engel's memoir brought to thousands on yWrite w/Angela Grout E11

Many people want to write their memoirs, whether to savor a moment in time for themselves, or share their history with their family. Author Laura Engel didn't set a goal to write her memoir, but as a creative writer, the story began pen itself. Learn how she researched and revisited her past to share the truth of her first born secret son. The 1960's were different for teen moms, and she shares with yWrite host Angela Grout, the anxiety, the relief, and the incredible discoveries she made as she penned her journey of motherhood. Her book You'll Forget This Ever Happened is available on Amazon, and thousands of adoptees have learned to accept their own journey of being adopted because she shared hers. Laura's triumphant journey to unite her family truly is inspiring. Memoir writing takes courage, and Laura Engel has that and more. Be inspired and watch this episode- it will make a difference in your life.

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